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Working together

If your interest has been piqued by this curiosity cabinet and you would like to work or collaborate with me, please do feel free to contact me.

Mrs M is my alter ego, in real life I go by the name Meg. I am a London-based portfolio worker with extensive experience in marketing (for corporates and not-for-profit organisations) and the law (specialising in energy and major infrastructure projects). My portfolio activities currently include writing, editing and consultancy/project management for social enterprises. I have a particular interest in energy efficiency, low-impact living, the circular economy, community-owned assets and independent publishing as well as the simple pleasures of life, such as food, gardening, knitting, traditional skills and crafts.

If you are would like to work with me, I would love to hear from you. Please drop me a line at meg@mrsmscuriositycabinet.com to discuss your project or ideas further.


Does Mrs M accept guest posts?
As Mrs M’s Curiosity Cabinet is a lovingly curated collection based on my own experiments, explorations and meanderings, I do not accept guest posts. I am however open to collaborations (e.g. conversations with likeminded eccentrics; discussions about cooking, gardening, low-impact living, modern artisanship…; a companionable stroll around bookshops, exhibitions,…) that might be of interest to the readers of Mrs M’s Curiosity Cabinet. Please feel free to contact me with your ideas or suggestions.

Will you write a guest post for my blog?
I distinguish between my professional persona and Mrs M, the curator of this curiosity cabinet. I provide copywriting services (including web copy and blog posts) in my professional capacity. As Mrs M, I am happy to discuss collaborations with bloggers similar to those I would feature on Mrs M’s Curiosity Cabinet.  

Do you accept advertising or endorsements?
I do not accept advertising, sponsored opportunities or product placements as I like my readers to be able to browse this curiosity cabinet without being distracted by adverts or sales pitches. On occasions I may refer to designers, authors, artists, retailers… but all such references are incidental, unsolicited and based on personal experience and/or ethical and aesthetic preferences.


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