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Warning – this is a long post with the occasional rant but also practical suggestions. During my three-year wardrobe challenge I have written at length about the environmental impact of clothes. A sustainable wardrobe cannot, however, ignore the human aspects of the clothing industry so it is only fair that I share my thoughts on the [...]


A little decadence

I generally have a savoury tooth and when it comes to sweet things, I certainly I don’t like them too sweet. There are of course a few exceptions to the rule, one of which I invariably make as the temperature plummets and the memory of Christmas fades: Lamingtons. These classic Australian cakes consist of a sponge coated [...]


Clothes rationing: reflections

Three years ago I set myself the challenge of living on wartime clothes rationing for a year. As the twelve months were a relative breeze, in January 2014 I decided to extend the experiment for a further two years to see what would happen when wear and tear really started to pinch. So how did I do [...]


Part of me craves colour, particularly in winter. Another part of me is drawn to the shimmering lustre of the absence of colour. I’m not talking about the ethereal glow of untouched snow, as spectacular as that is, but the shining quality of silver filaments as they dance between grey and white, or more simply the natural [...]


Colour: a year-round tapestry

The view from my kitchen window is one of muted greens and browns. It is a far cry from the summer months when flowers, vegetables, butterflies and bees brought my little garden to life, but look closely and there are still pin pricks of colour: a glint of silver, a ruffle of pink, a dot [...]


Mr M and I enjoyed a pleasant week in Northern Italy earlier this month. It had been a while since we last visited the country but as with previous trips, it was an absolute delight. The days were filled with strolling leisurely around Milan, Verona and Vicenza; soaking up the architecture, parks and quiet stillness of early churches; [...]


A little shot of jollity

Yesterday's entry in the Curiosity Cabinet was admittedly a bit of a rant. I could blame it on my sinusitis, laryngitis and recent stomach virus, but part of me is just weary of poor quality being the default, the norm... However, to inject some jollity back into this cabinet of curiosities and cheer my tired eyes up, I thought I [...]


Three months to go

I’ve just realised, we’re three quarters of the way through my third year of wartime clothes rationing and I’ve barely written about my rationing experiment. I’ve certainly not ditched the experiment so far into the journey. Nor am I counting the days till the end. I am actually just struggling to spend my clothing coupons. Yes, I [...]

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Zero Waste Week has finished for another year but although the flurry of activity and conversations have died down, the action, exchanges and reflections rumble on. I followed this year’s campaign with particular interest. On the one hand, I was one of thousands of people who were doing their bit and encouraging others to tackle [...]

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As part of Zero Waste Week I wanted to explore Reuse in the context of “unavoidable waste”. I’m not talking about far-fetched ideas for reusing waste from a once-in-a-blue-moon item; rather how to squeeze something useful out of leftovers that are a function of our healthy, routine habits. Why? Even when I take every effort [...]

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