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My mum always reckoned accidents and bad luck came in threes. That’s certainly what it feels like of late. In the last six weeks I have fallen from a ladder injuring my hip; my arthritis has flared up; and now I have suspected tendonitis in my Achilles heel. These niggles and pains mean I have [...]


Apparently it’s National Stationery Week. I’ve never been very good at keeping track of such things. Truth be told, I’m probably not the target audience as I’m a bit too set in my stationery ways: my trusty fountain pens, J. Herbin ink (bottled, of course), 5B pencils (yes, super soft) and a Staedtler eraser. Despite [...]


On making a garden

If gardening magazines and shows are to be believed, gardens come in two forms: vast acres consisting of different rooms designed around various themes or beautifully clipped designs that go from blank canvas to splendour in the space of five months. The truth is somewhat different as any gardener knows. Gardens evolve with the years, the elements, [...]


I am back from a few whirlwind days in Edinburgh squishing wool and talking knitting with other “woollenistas”. The knitter in me loves a good yarn festival as I can check out beautiful wools from indie producers and dyers that are often only available online. The sustainable consumption researcher in me is a little conflicted [...]


Making and me

Sometimes simple questions can set us off on mental excavations and prompt us to unpick what we consider second nature. So it was this week when Kate from A Playful Day asked her listeners “What does making mean to YOU?” I know why I make as much as I do, but this question is subtly different and made [...]


Colour III: A touch contrary

Browse the Internet, social media or a magazine stand and you will quickly stumble across images of beautifully styled interiors or ‘curated’ wardrobes. Some are various shades of white and grey or a melange of chalk, beige and brown. Rest-inducing to look at with just enough depth of colour to avoid a stark clinical look. [...]


Everyday making

I recently got swept up in a conversation about making and finding time to create, and have been pondering the topic ever since. In a world of glossy magazines, lifestyle blogs and styled Instagram photos, making seems to be a leisure time activity. It is something we indulge in after work, household and family commitments have [...]


Warning – this is a long post with the occasional rant but also practical suggestions. During my three-year wardrobe challenge I have written at length about the environmental impact of clothes. A sustainable wardrobe cannot, however, ignore the human aspects of the clothing industry so it is only fair that I share my thoughts on the [...]


A little decadence

I generally have a savoury tooth and when it comes to sweet things, I certainly I don’t like them too sweet. There are of course a few exceptions to the rule, one of which I invariably make as the temperature plummets and the memory of Christmas fades: Lamingtons. These classic Australian cakes consist of a sponge coated [...]


Clothes rationing: reflections

Three years ago I set myself the challenge of living on wartime clothes rationing for a year. As the twelve months were a relative breeze, in January 2014 I decided to extend the experiment for a further two years to see what would happen when wear and tear really started to pinch. So how did I do [...]