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Mrs M – 1. wife, daughter, sister, friend, aunt; 2. writer, reader, podcaster; 3. ceramicist; 4. energy/resource efficiency expert, portfolio worker; 4. home-economist, cook, preserver, gardener; 5. fibre explorer: knitter, spinner, natural dyer, newbie weaver; 6. student of random languages.

Curiosity Cabinet – a collection of fascinating and often intriguing objects that are drawn from different corners of the earth, straddle many disciplines (from natural history to ethnography, art to geology) and reflect the microcosm of the collector. Curiosity cabinets emerged in 16th century Europe and grew in popularity as new worlds were discovered and explored.

Mrs M’s Curiosity Cabinet – 1. display cabinet for the artefacts and oddities of my experiments, explorations and mental meandering; 2. compendium of the stories and observations of my curious mind; 3. repository for the flotsam and jetsam collected by this city beachcomber

If you would like to know more about the rationale behind this site, please check out this article, or simply have a good browse around this cabinet to get a flavour of the curiosities in this collection.

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