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In this month’s bumper episode I talk sock knitting, my wool pantry, dyeing and kitchen gardening but the thread that ties these topics together is a desire to make with as many local materials, breeds and varieties as possible. The podcasts will shortly also be available iTunes, PlayerFM and other podcast catchers. As always, I can be found on Instagram [...]


It's a day late due to an infernal ear infection but Episode 3 of the Mrs M's Curiosity Cabinet podcast is now live. The podcasts is also available on iTunes or PlayerFM. In today's instalment I provide a short update on my all-natural sock experiment. This includes sharing your suggestions for possible yarns, including Cuthbert's Sock Yarn from Whistlebare, and your musings [...]


Thank you for all the kind feedback on episode 1 of my new podcast. The second episode of is now live. The podcasts is also available on iTunes or PlayerFM. In this episode I introduce a knitting (and wearing) experiment I have just started that revolves around socks, in particular all natural socks. In this context, [...]


The podcast is here!

Last week I mentioned there would be an addition to the Mrs M's Curiosity Cabinet blog: a podcast. I first considered recording a series of podcast several months ago and just assumed they would be videos, bearing in mind the type of content I hoped to cover. However, the more I researched how to record, where to record and how to use [...]


I am back from a long weekend in Edinburgh and still buzzing from the experience. For the last few weeks I had been in a state of great excitement, and some angst too. Edinburgh Yarn Festival (EYF) is a key event in the UK for anybody who loves wools with a texture and a back [...]


Although I’ve been a maker since childhood, I wholeheartedly embraced The Maker’s Year, an idea proposed by Kate of the A Playful Day podcast to cultivate a slower, more sustainable life through daily acts of making. No matter how instinctive making was to me, The Maker’s Year gave me an opportunity to slow down and reflect on [...]


Nature’s semi-solid shades

A year ago I wrote about how I was embracing the semi-solid tones of my greying hair in my short series about colour. This year I have actively been exploring colour through my making, and especially nature’s semi-solids. In the first half of the year I focused on exploring the beauty of natural shades of wool, encouraged by the [...]


In recent years I have become increasingly disenchanted with high street clothing. Although I’m no longer constrained by my 3-year wartime rationing experiment, I have struggled to buy replacements for clothes I’ve worn to threads as I simply can't find garments in a style I like or of an acceptable quality or provenance. By spring this year [...]



Single acts can inspire action. More importantly they can start ripples and create change. A month or so ago I read that Woollenflower (an independent fibre artist) and Rachel Atkinson (the tour de force behind Daughter of a Shepherd yarn) were collaborating to create a small range of gorgeous tweed project bags. These weren’t just your average [...]


Three months ago many of my compatriots voted to leave the European Union. What followed has not been pretty. Flare-ups of racially motivated abuse and violence; a Whitehall farce with in-fighting in parties, bully boy shenanigans and general disarray about what to do next; pressures on small businesses with costs rising as the pound tumbled; [...]